OKM invited to the 5th Foreign Trade Day in Cottbus

Haziran 30, 2017

On 13th June 2017, our Managing Director Andreas Krauss joined the invitation of the Bundesforum Mittelstand (Economic Region of Thuringia) and took part in the 5th Foreign Trade Day in the city hall in Cottbus. The conference focused on the establishment of foreign trade relations with neighboring European countries as well as Latin America, Russia and Africa.

Mr. Krauss was accompanied by Ronald Jung, who is responsible for customer support in our company and carries out special training measures for our metal detectors and 3D ground scanners. One of these products - GeoSeeker, a water and cavity detector - was presented to the interested audience during the conference.

Presentation of water detector GeoSeeker
Presentation of water detector GeoSeeker: Ronald Jung (left) and Andreas Krauss (right) present GeoSeeker to Dr. Gerd Mueller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development
OKM at 5th Foreign Trade Day in Cottbus
OKM at 5th Foreign Trade Day in Cottbus: OKM presents the water detector GeoSeeker with its 3D representations of measurement dat on tablet PC.

Lectures of experts and embassy members opened up insights into possibilities for cross-border cooperation and contacting. Among other things, our employees conducted a fundamental and goal-oriented discussion with the Russian ambassador from Berlin. In other workshops it was shown how to open up markets in other countries and regions for their own products. In our case, these are metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, water detectors, gold detectors and related geophysical measuring instruments for the detection of buried metal targets and cavities.

The final highlight of the event was a short but formative discussion with Dr. Gerd Müller, the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. Despite his narrow time frame, he did not miss the opportunity to get a demonstration of our GeoSeeker. With this water detector, underground water deposits will be located. He then promised future cooperation.

Once again, many thanks to Mr. Matthias Anschuetz of Bundesforum Mittelstand for the invitation and we are looking forward to a continued successful cooperation.

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Aralık 14, 2017

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