Metal Detector and 3D Ground Scanner for Entry-Level Detectorists OKM Fusion Ultra Light

OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
Detector Fusion Light treasure hunt
Fusion Light control unit
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
Detector Fusion Light treasure hunt
Fusion Light control unit
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
  • Compact: Easy-to-use and easy-to-transport treasure detector for users with small budget – perfect to achieve first successes
  • Detection depth: Customers found objects down to 8 m (26 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, cavity detection
  • Operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Magnetometer
  • Detectable objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels

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OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light
OKM Fusion Ultra Light

3D Visualization

3D Ground Scan


Multilingual Operation

Rechargeable High-Capacity Battery

Wireless Technology

Fusion Ultra Light is an easy-to-use ground scanner for treasure hunters who look for long-time buried artifacts and treasures in the soil as well as in tombs, tunnels and caches. The treasure detector is a special edition combining the performance of Fusion Professional with the flexibility of Rover UC. This Ultra Light edition includes the OKM App for installation on your Android smartphone and the renowned scan analysis software Visualizer 3D Studio for installation on your Windows notebook.

Entry-Level Ground Scanner with App

The operating mode 3D Ground Scan allows treasure hunters to detect gold treasures as well as underground anomalies and to visualize the scan data immediately on their Android smartphone via OKM App.

With its integrated Magnetometer the Fusion Light is able to locate ferrous metals like militaria and iron boxes filled e.g. with silver and gold coins, valuables and precious artifacts.

Detector App Main Menu with Operating Modes

Discover a New Dimension of Treasure Hunting

Easy-to-use 3D ground scanner with smartphone App

This 3D ground scanner comes with a small delivery scope that includes everything you need for a fast and successful treasure hunt: Fusion Ultra Light, the lightweight among the metal detectors and 3D ground scanners, includes a compact Control Unit with integrated sensors and is controlled via App for Android smartphones. The operating modes Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan are essential for successful treasure hunts. After scanning your target area, the scan results are visualized in the Android App directly on your smartphone and can be further analyzed with Visualizer 3D Studio software on your Windows notebook.

Fusion Ultra Light is a compact 3D ground scanner
for beginners and treasure hunters with small budget.

Fusion Light Magnetometer used to clear the target area

Detect Metal Objects with Magnetometer

Find anomalies in the magnetic field and visualize these directly on the smartphone display. In this way, potential finds like artifacts, treasure chests, militaria and further ferrous objects can be detected very easily. Experienced treasure hunters use the Magnetometer before scanning the target area with 3D Ground Scan in order to clear the scan field of smaller objects near to the surface.

3D ground scan performed with detector Fusion Light

Detect Anomalies with 3D Ground Scan

With the 3D Ground Scan operating mode treasure hunters, militaria seekers and historians track down underground cavities and artifacts. Potential finds and discoveries can be displayed on the Android smartphone via OKM Fusion Light App and saved for further analyses. Treasure hunters get a more accurate 3D image by transferring the scan data to their notebook and analyze the images in the software Visualizer 3D Studio.

Convincing with simple handling and easy transport in the Protector Tube,
this detector is perfect to achieve fast successes in treasure hunting.

Scan data recorded with ground scanner Fusion Light

Analyze Scan Data with Detection Software Visualizer 3D Studio

Thanks to the Visualizer 3D Studio software, which is included on the USB flash drive for installation on your Windows notebook, the 3D Ground Scan data can be displayed in a detailed 3D graphic. After successfully transferring the stored scan data to your notebook, you can determine the position, size and depth of potential treasures even more precisely.

+90 549 179 06 07

Mon - Fri 10 am - 6 pm Sat - Sun by appointment only

Languages: Türkçe (TR), English (EN)

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1xControl Unit
1xDownload Code for OKM App for Android Smartphone
1xUSB Flash Drive with OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition
1xCharger with charging cable
1xTravel Adapter
1xQuick Start Guide
1xProtector Tube

Control Unit

Data Transmission

Computer Minimum Requirements for Visualizer 3D Studio

Smartphone Minimum Requirements for Fusion Light App

The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.

OKM Fusion Light
Easy to use for beginners

I am a total beginner in treasure hunting. I have a bit of experience with VLF detectors but you do not really find anything. That's why I bough the Fusion Light from OKM that has the option for additional features. Perfect device for me! Looking forward to my next treasure hunt!

OKM Fusion Light
Fully fits to my needs!

The Fusion Light fully fits to my needs. I do not need to look so deep into the ground but want to have OKM's tecnology as theirs is the best!

Treasure Hunter from Indonesia
Quick Start Guide Fusion Light

English (EN), Deutsch (DE)

730 KB

Treasure Detector Fusion Light Detector Fusion Light Delivery Scope

OKM Fusion Light

Metal Detector and 3D Ground Scanner for Entry-Level Detectorists
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