Innovation & Development

In the beginning was a unique idea. Since then, OKM is dedicated to the development and production of exceptional technologies: treasure and metal detectors, geophysical measuring instruments and water detectors.

The detectors are handcrafted at the company's headquarters in Altenburg, Germany, and thus meet the high demands of German engineering. Thanks to continuous innovation, the incomparable detectors by OKM will continue to provide treasure hunters, archaeologists and professional users with state-of-the-art functions in the future.

OKM Technologies take Treasure Hunters to a new Level

Treasure hunting with detectors does not end with an acoustic signal, as treasure hunters are used to from conventional metal detectors. Thanks to unique developments OKM detectors are able to:

Additionally, OKM‘s metal and treasure detectors reach beyond the capabilities of conventional metal detectors in terms of depth: Depending on the nature of the soil and the size of the object, treasures can be discovered at great depths. This is possible by OKM's innovations such as the Super Sensor and the Telescopic Probe. The latter offers a more flexible application and a space-saving advantage in terms of transportation.


OKM Products: Close to the user and up to date

Thanks to continuous innovation, detectors by OKM offer new functions which assist treasure hunters, archaeologists and professional users in their work. The main improvements are greater ranges and more precise measurement results on the one hand, and simple usage of geophysical measuring instruments and software on the other hand. Multilingual user interfaces, multicolored displays and clear menu structures are just some of many user-friendly features offered by detectors developed by OKM. In our fast-paced, networked world, Live Stream and wireless data transmission are standard features of the latest detector generations.

OKM Detectors


OKM Technology: often imitated, but never duplicated

For some years many imitators have been trying to copy OKM's unique detection technologies and software developments. In order to protect the special features of our innovative technologies, OKM products are protected against unwanted imitation by patents. Unauthorized counterfeit products sometimes show the label "Made in Germany", although they are most often produced in China, Iran or Turkey. Pay close attention to the details of the device when buying inexpensive detectors, it could possibly be product piracy! In case of doubt please contact our support team!

Verify your OKM detector

OKM is the only German manufacturer of gold and metal detectors whose geophysical measuring technology has been officially tested and certified by an independent expert of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

The special detector technology by OKM has not only proven itself in detailed tests within the scope of certification, but also in numerous worldwide discoveries and treasure finds. Convince yourself of the functionality, performance and reliability of OKM detectors and make an appointment:

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