Silver Coins detected with Ground Scanner Rover C II in the Sechura Desert (Peru)

Depth: 0.6 m (2.0 ft)
Region: Sechura Desert, Peru
Time of origin: 16th century

We are glad to present our customer’s find of a numismatic treasure – a witness to early currency reforms and noticeable effects on present world currencies: Several silver coins identified as Spanish Dollars were detected with the ground scanner OKM Rover C II in northern Peru and can be dated back to the late 16th century.

Reverse of the silver coin
Reverse of the silver coin: The coat of arms of Castile shows two lions and two castles, divided by a cross and surrounded by the letters ‘ET INDIARVM REX’. The coin can be dated back to the late 16th century – approx. 1580. The Spanish Dollar was very common and widespread, occurrences with perfectly intact motifs are rather seldom.


Pieces of Eight: The Basic Concept of World Currencies

The numismatic value of this find is fascinating in many respects: The coins became a popular trade currency of the Spanish Empire and still have impact on the designation of the present dollar. The discovery and conquest of mineral wealth in Peru and Mexico in the 15th and 16th century empowered the Spanish Empire and initiated early monetary reforms. One of the most famous silver coins of that time is the ‘Piece of Eight’, named after its divisibility into several bits. This concept is still common for breaking down currency values such as the US-Dollar into Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar.


Treasure Hunters’ Serendipity and OKM’s Technical Expertise

Thanks to its powerful performance and various special features, the multi-purpose metal detector Rover C II identifies hidden cavities and precious metal objects in different types of terrain: such as the silver coins which were found in the Sechura Desert approx. 60 cm (1.97 ft) deep – deeper than conventional detectors are able to explore.

The 3D ground scanner Rover C II combines metal detection with geo-electrical measurement in order to:


Simplify your Treasure Hunting Experience

More multi-purpose. More easy-to-handle. More treasure hunting success: OKM’s solution combines metal detector, ground scanner and 3D visualizer by adding special features to its earlier generations Rover C II and Rover Gold – and is called Rover C4:

Treasure hunters' favorite Ground Scanner Rover C4 Ground Scanner Rover C4 delivery scope

OKM Rover C4

Gold Detector and Absolute Favorite for Treasure Hunting
  • combines ground scanner, pin pointer, mineral scanner and magnetometer
  • provides multilingual user interface and touch screen
  • includes memory function and wireless data transfer
  • locates precious metals in high depth with Super Sensor
  • identifies and localizes treasure objects
  • immediately visualizes finds with LED-orbit technology
  • calculates object dimensions with 3D Visualizer.


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