Rover C (2001-2009)

July 20, 2009
This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4

Multipurpose 3D metal detector

The metal detectors of the Rover Series reach beyond common metal detectors with acoustic feedback: Rover C creates precise three-dimensional graphics of the scanned underground. Thanks to its approved Single-Sensor-Technology, this detector allows to find hidden objects.

The Rover C is the standard detector of the upscaled class of measuring instruments and is based on an electromagnetic pulse method which can be used to select anomalies in the target area.

Treasure hunting has never been easier than with the detector Rover C. This powerful 3D metal detector and ground scanner belongs to OKM’s famous and approved Future Series and includes all functions which are needed for a successful treasure hunt.

The Rover C is of the first metal detecting instruments which is able to perform geophysical and archaeological investigations in high depths and create a three-dimensional graphical image of the underground and its included objects or voids. This multipurpose metal detecting instrument is able to visualize buried objects under the ground, find metal artefacts like gold and silver, chests, vases as well as voids such as hidden rooms, graves or tunnel systems.

The 3D metal detector Rover C is able to locate the following objects and structures:

Easy-to-use technology – also for beginners

Because of its easy functionality and practicable handling the detector is specially adviced for all searchers who want to start up with 3D metal detecting instruments and experience the new technology of 3D ground scanning in a simple way. You don’t have to be a professional to use this treasure hunting metal detector. The small and transportable form of the Rover C allows the usage of the ground scanner in different types of terrain. Thanks to the integrated microprocessor technology, ground balance, depth modulation and data storage will be performed automatically by the detector control unit.

Ready-to-use equipment – including Mini Laptop with 3D software

The Rover C is delivered with a pre-configurated outdoor mini laptop, where the 3D metal detector software Visualizer 3D and bluetooth data transfer technology is already installed and configurated. No problematic installations and setups are necessary. You can start detecting in 3D right away. The mini laptop with its small size and leight weight accompanies treasure hunters anywhere. It is specially designed for outdoor activities, thus, impacts and shocks are no longer issues.

OKM Archeologist scanning a field with the Rover C
Rover C metal detector: The metal detector Rover C is a multi purpose treasure detector.

Visualization of measurement data

Measured data can be transfered to any computer or stored temporarily in the internal memory of the Rover C detector. After completing the measurement, the recorded measured values can be analyzed in a graphical representation of the 3D software Visualizer 3D. This allows exact information about the size and depth of buried materials. Precise object forms and structures are visible if enough measured values have been recorded.

OKM 3D analisys software
Rover C with Visualizer 3D: Representation of a located metal chest under the ground.
OKM 3D analisys software
Rover C with Visualizer 3D: Representation of a ground scan with Rover C showing a bronze artefact in Visualizer 3D.

Application of treasure detector Rover C

Rover C is used by metal detectorists all over the world and suitable for the following tasks:

Features of 3D ground scanner Rover C

Like all metal detecting products by OKM, the Rover C has been tested and certified by leading technical experts. It has proven its reliability and powerful performance on-site with many treasure discoveries and metal finds. Convince yourself during a visit in our factory (after appointment only). Test metal detector during a visit at OKM Germany to decide if it fits your treasure hunting needs.

Available upgrades for Rover C

Super Sensor
With the optional available Super Sensor the functionality of the Rover C can be improved. The depth performance will be increased compared to the standard probe. It allows 3D area scans with high resolution as well as discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Power Tank
An external connectable battery pack increases the operating time of the Rover C metal detector. Therefore, you can search on-site for a longer time – especially important for treasure hunters who work in natural areas without electricity.

This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4

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