OKM Fusion Light App (2021)

OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
  • Intuitive: Control your detector by smartphone
  • Multilingual: App available in 15 languages
  • Use Cases: treasure hunting, tunnel detection
  • Operating Modes: 3D Ground Scan, Magnetometer
  • Exclusive for OKM Fusion Light (from version 2021)
EUR 59,00
TRY 1.947,00 | USD 70.00

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اللغات: Türkçe (TR), English (EN)

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Fusion Light smartphone with OKM App showing main menu

Entry-Level Treasure Hunting with App

The Android Smartphone with the OKM App is the control center of the entry-level 3D ground scanner Fusion Light. All operating modes and settings are available via the main menu: Set your preferences, pick one of the two operating modes, configure the scan parameters and start your measurement.


The operating mode Magnetometer allows you to detect ferrous waste and clear your scan field to achieve a deeper and more detailed 3D Ground Scan. The OKM App allows to start your measurement and get results immediately.

3D Ground Scan

To perform a 3D Ground Scan, select the operating mode and configure your preferred settings via OKM App. Watch your progress line by line while scanning and see if everything works to plan.

App Settings

The main menu also provides Settings, where you can configure the detector to your preferences. Set the Language, font size, and enable or disable vibration. If you turn on the vibration, you get haptic feedback instead of sound.

Fusion Light smartphone with OKM App showing 3D Ground Scan

Analyze your Scans on the Smartphone

The best thing about the smartphone is its compact, inconspicuous appearance. A laptop is too large to take with you if you want to scan in a remote area. The smartphone has just the right size to easily take it with you, while its screen is big enough to display the scan and the detected anomalies.

The smartphone is the best choice for first conclusions on your measurement. To open a measurement, tap on Open Scan and select the desired scan file. The scan image can be rotated and scaled by using intuitive finger gestures. For a more detailed scan analysis, transfer your scan files to the notebook with Visualizer 3D Studio.

Analyze Scan Files in Detail

After finishing the measurement the results can be visualized directly on the Smartphone with the OKM App. For a more detailed analysis, transfer the scan files to the Windows notebook with the detection software Visualizer 3D Studio. This can be done very easily via USB cable or wireless via cloud. The detection software provides many filters to optimize your scan image for a better visualization of the detected anomalies.


The Fusion Light App is available in the following languages:

  • عربي (AR)
  • български (BG)
  • Deutsch (DE)
  • Ελληνικά (EL)
  • English (EN)
  • Español (ES)
  • فارسی (FA)
  • Suomalainen (FI)
  • Français (FR)
  • Italiano (IT)
  • 日本語 (JA)
  • Nederlands (NL)
  • Русский (RU)
  • Türkçe (TR)
  • 中文 (ZH)
Treasure Hunter using Fusion Light App
This App is intended for installation on the Android Smartphone recommended by OKM. It requires an original OKM Fusion Light (2021, from version 1.5).
OKM Detector Fusion Light (Bluetooth LE, from 07/2021 / version 1.5)
Android Device Smartphone
Android Version min. Android 7.1 (Nougat)
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 5.1
Display Resolution max 1440 x 720 px
File Size Setup 2.8 MB, Update 2.83 MB
  1. Make sure you have the required detector. This App requires an OKM Fusion Light (2021, from version 1.5).
  2. Add the OKM App to your cart, complete your purchase and wait for the email with the download link.
  3. Download the OKM App file directly to the Android device (requires internet connection). If you download the file to a computer, transfer it to the Android device afterwards.
  4. Install the App file on your Android device.
  5. Launch the OKM App.
  6. Select Settings from the main menu and tap on Update App (requires internet connection).
  7. Wait until the update is successfully completed.
  8. Launch the OKM App again and proceed with the App Activation.

For more details, please refer to the OKM Fusion Light Manual.

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